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Chapter 0a   Introduction to the Course
Chapter 0b   Introduction to the Course (cont'd)
Chapter 1   Introduction to Decision Analysis
Chapter 2   Elements of Decision Problems
Chapter 3   Structuring Decision
Chapter 4a   Making Choices
Chapter 4b   Making choices (cont'd)
Chapter 5   Sensitivity Analysis
Chapter 6   Creative Decision Making
Chapter 7a   Modeling Uncertainty Probability Basics
Chapter 7b   Modeling Uncertainty, Probability Basics (cont'd)

Chapter 8

  Subjective Probability

Chapter 9a

  Theoretical Probability Models
  Chapter 9b   Theoretical Probability Models (cont'd)
  Chapter 10a   Using Data
  Chapter 10b   Using Data (cont'd)
  Chapter 11a   Monte Carlo Simulation
  Chapter 11b    Monte Carlo Simulation (cont'd)
  Chapter 12   Value of Information
  Chapter 13   Risk Attitudes

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